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Oberlo Help Center

7 hours ago Help.oberlo.com Get All

Oberlo Account. Learn about signing up and managing your Oberlo account. +1. 13 articles in this collection. Written by Zac, Karolis, Mary Smith and 1 other.

Website: https://help.oberlo.com/en/

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OBERLO Help Desk Contacts LiveAgent

2 hours ago Liveagent.com Get All

OBERLO Help Desk Contacts. It looks like you’re trying to reach OBERLO’s customer service team. Unfortunately, we’re not associated with OBERLO’s support team. We are two entirely different business organizations. However, to make your life a little easier, we’ve researched OBERLO’s website and found the following customer support

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Website: https://www.liveagent.com/directory/oberlo-help-desk-contacts/

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Oberlo Customer Service Phone Number Ultimate Guide To

9 hours ago Cfccc.net Get All

This post is all about Oberlo Customer Service Phone Number. It is a popular subject reviewed by many e-commerce store owners. If you are planning to create an online company making use of dropshipping, Oberlo is a terrific choice.. Dropshipping is a significantly prominent means of marketing and selling products online and it’s a terrific way to get started with e-commerce.

Website: https://www.cfccc.net/oberlo-customer-service-phone-number/

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Oberlo Support Phone Number (SECRETS!)

Just Now Cfccc.net Get All

This post is all about Oberlo Support Phone Number. It is a preferred subject talked about by several eCommerce store owners. If you are thinking to create an online organization utilizing dropshipping, Oberlo is an excellent option.. Dropshipping is a progressively prominent method of selling products online as well as it’s a wonderful means to begin with ecommerce.

Website: https://www.cfccc.net/oberlo-support-phone-number/

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Oberlo Where Self Made is Made

3 hours ago Oberlo.com Get All

SELF. MADE. IS MADE. Get your hands dirty and start something today. Oberlo membership unlocks the digital courses, podcasts, ebooks, and dropshipping tools to build your own online empire. Join Oberlo Free. Rise and Grind, it's on. Let’s do this.

Website: https://www.oberlo.com/

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What Is Customer Service? A Definition and More Oberlo Wiki

4 hours ago Oberlo.com Get All

Customer service provides this support through information, assistance, and creating a trusting environment. This support can be delivered through many different media, like phone, email, online chat, social media, text message, and more. Customer service can be a great way to distinguish your business from your competitors.

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Website: https://www.oberlo.com/ecommerce-wiki/customer-service

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Oberlo Account Oberlo Help Center

1 hours ago Help.oberlo.com Get All

Oberlo Account. Learn about signing up and managing your Oberlo account. +1. 13 articles in this collection. Written by Povilas, Mary Smith, Zac and 1 other.

Website: https://help.oberlo.com/en/collections/2529405-oberlo-account

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20 Great Customer Service Ideas to Surprise and Oberlo

4 hours ago Oberlo.com Get All

1. Author: Nicole Martins Ferreira
Published: Dec 01, 2020
Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins
2. Master the Best Customer Service by Inviting loyal customers to a VIP sale. A great customer service idea is to make your customers feel part of a tight-knit and exclusive community.
3. Offer Great Customer Service by Giving customers first access to certain products. Are you launching a new collection on your store? If so, you could create a private link that doesn’t appear in your navigation a few days before making it public for everyone else.
4. Take your customer service to the next level with video email responses. Most online retailers send canned responses. Boring! And you never get the answer you want either.
5. Customer Service Idea To Try Out: Sending holiday or birthday cards. Each year, there are two times when people want to create special memories: the holidays and their birthday.
6. Make your customer service fun and playful. Have you ever paid attention to how top brands like Netflix or Amazon respond to their customers? Netflix has a conversational tone in their social media responses which are often packed with personality.
7. Improve your customer service by fixing the issue with the most complaints. You know what your everyday complaints are. You probably get the same one or two angry complaints from your customers every day.
8. Repost customer pictures on your social media accounts. Customers don’t send tag you in their photos because they’re trying to be nice. They’re doing it for their own self-serving purpose: they want your attention.
9. Teach customers something new. Help your customers reach their goals by teaching them something new. If you own an outdoor equipment store, you can create content around how to set up tents or how to how to find north on your compass.
10. Automate your customer service with a loyalty program. The easiest way to provide great customer service is by creating a loyalty program. You can install a loyalty app on your store as a marketing automation tool.
11. Feature customers on your blog incentivize with cash prize. Beachbody is the brand that does this better than anyone else. They sell their workout DVDs and programs online.

Website: https://www.oberlo.com/blog/customer-service

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Sell your Oberlo store Oberlo Help Center

6 hours ago Help.oberlo.com Get All

Contact Oberlo Support to have your payment information removed from the account. Contact the buyer to obtain their email address, and agree on a temporary password. Set the email address and password in Oberlo to the buyer’s email, and the agreed temporary password. Contact the buyer to inform them they can now log in with the new email and

Website: https://help.oberlo.com/en/articles/4649821-sell-your-oberlo-store

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Contact Us — Shopify

1 hours ago Shopify.com Get All

Contact. Got a question about using Shopify? This is the place to start. Find the answers you need from the Shopify Community or our award-winning support team.

Website: https://www.shopify.com/contact

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Oberlo Store Setup Oberlo Help Center

4 hours ago Help.oberlo.com Get All

Oberlo Store Setup. Learn about setting up a dropshipping store with Oberlo and Shopify. 16 articles in this collection. Written by Mary Smith, Zac, and Karolis. Store setup checklist and tips.

Website: https://help.oberlo.com/en/collections/114639-oberlo-store-setup

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Shopify Help Center

7 hours ago Help.shopify.com Get All

The Shopify Help Center will support you as you learn about and use Shopify. We have documentation and videos to answer your questions.

Website: https://help.shopify.com/en

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Oberlo Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

6 hours ago Crunchbase.com Get All

Oberlo is the marketplace for entrepreneurs to search and find products to sell online. The platform connects merchants with suppliers who ship products directly to consumers. This method, known as drop shipping, significantly lowers the barrier to entry for entrepreneurs. Since the company’s founding in September 2015, Oberlo merchants have sold

Website: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/oberlo

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Shopify 14Day Free Trial Start a Business, Grow Your

4 hours ago Shopify.com Get All

One platform with all the ecommerce and point of sale features you need to start, run, and grow your business. To help show all the ways you can sell with Shopify, there’s a slow animation of three different images: a sleek, white chair being sold on an ecommerce website, the same chair appearing on an online market place, and an in-store

Website: https://www.shopify.com/

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Oberlo Blog Free Tips and Resources for Self Made

7 hours ago Oberlo.com Get All

Oberlo Dropshipping: The Ultimate Guide for Dropshipping with Oberlo. Oberlo dropshipping is the most popular dropshipping method today. With hundreds of positive reviews, tens of thousands…. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Hire yourself and start calling the shots.

Website: https://www.oberlo.com/blog

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Oberlo Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of oberlo.com

3 hours ago Uk.trustpilot.com Get All

Oberlo does not have live support interaction, but because we are a part of Shopify, you've got access to live support 24/7 via phone, chat or email. Shopify Gurus are Oberlo Gurus, and you can ask them any support queries you have if you need an immediate response. As far as filters go, Shopify has a wealth of support documentation.

Website: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/oberlo.com

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Dispute Management: A New Way To Do Customer Service Oberlo

1 hours ago Oberlo.com Get All


1. Suppose you run a store specializing in clothing accessories. A customer places an order for one of your blue bandanas, and you receive an email 10 days later saying that the bandanaarrived – and it’s red. In the past, this would have been a headache for everyone involved. The customer has the wrong product. You have an annoyed buyer. And the supplier has a merchant who just lost money, a customer, or both. Dispute Management can’t magically make the bandana turn blue, but it does give you a quick, reliable way to resolve the issue with your supplier.

Website: https://www.oberlo.com/blog/dispute-management-feature-launch

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How Does Oberlo Work with Aliexpress & Shopify Dropshipping

9 hours ago Dropshippinghelps.com Get All

Oberlo Review: customer service. Oberlo does not have a phone line and conducts all of its business online. While most eCommerce shop owners will find this sufficient, some may wish to have a phone number to contact. However, they do provide a Live Chat function with agents available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you with your

Website: https://dropshippinghelps.com/how-does-oberlo-work-with-aliexpress-shopify-dropshipping1/

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19 Ecommerce Statistics You Need to Know in 2021 Oberlo

7 hours ago Oberlo.in Get All


1. This sucks. It may have taken you weeksof Facebook advertisingand retargetingto entice these people to your website. Perhaps you spent ages choosing the right productsand optimizing your product pages to convince your visitors to decide to purchase from your store – and they want to! They even add a product to their shopping cart… only for two-thirds of them to click away. The Key Takeaway: Optimize your checkout process to reduce as many of those abandoned carts as possible. To learn more, read: How to Recover Abandoned Carts.

Website: https://www.oberlo.in/blog/ecommerce-statistics

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20 Advantages and Disadvantages of Ecommerce Oberlo

8 hours ago Id.oberlo.com Get All

If a customer wants to contact the store owner, they can click on a live chat feature, email, or send a Facebook message. The store owner, in turn, can train the customer service staff to answer queries effectively. When the staff is not around, they can use a Facebook chatbot to point customers towards FAQs and other self-help resources.

Website: https://id.oberlo.com/blog/20-ecommerce-advantages-and-disadvantages

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Providing online customer service · Shopify Help Center

1 hours ago Help.shopify.com Get All

Some examples of customer service strategies to try are: Providing clear return and shipping policies that you are prepared to uphold. Giving your customers a way to contact you to ask questions about products and orders. Adding a page with frequently asked questions, product information, or information about your business to your online store.

Website: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/customers/customer-service

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16 Best FREE Apps for Shopify Stores in 2021

6 hours ago Getfirepush.com Get All

1. Firepush — For Customer Retention. Firepush is an all-in-one free Shopify app that will enable you to send remarketing campaigns via email, web push, and SMS channels.
2. UpPromote - For Affiliate Marketing. UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing is an all-in-one marketing tool to support you build, track and succeed with affiliate marketing.
3. Oberlo — For Dropshipping. Oberlo platform makes it easy to find products you want to sell online. With this Shopify app, you can access a variety of different products such as cosmetics, electronics, home decor, and toys.
4. Printful — For Printing-on-Demand. The Printful app is one of the best Shopify print-on-demand apps you can find in the App Store. It also provides dropshipping and warehousing services for your custom prints.
5. Omnisend — For Email Marketing. Omnisend is an email & SMS marketing platform that offers pre-built automation workflows, email templates, and intuitive, no-code editing.
6. Smile.io — For Loyalty Programs. Smile.io app lets you set up a loyalty program on your Shopify store to create more loyal customers who will drive more revenue through repeat purchases.
7. Yotpo — For Referrals and Rewards. Yotpo helps Shopify businesses generate product and site reviews, photos, videos, Q&A, and other UGC (User-Generated Content) they can leverage to drive qualified traffic to their stores.
8. Plug in SEO — For Higher Google Ranking. Plug in SEO is one of those essential Shopify apps you cannot miss if you are serious about your store discoverability.
9. HelpCenter | FAQ & HelpDesk — For Customer Support. HelpCenter is a customer service app that will help you make your interactions with customers more effective and efficient.
10. PDF Invoice: Order Printer+ — For Accounting and Taxes. Running a Shopify store is not just about sales or marketing—it also means handling paperwork for your store and customers.

Website: https://getfirepush.com/blog/best-free-apps-for-shopify/

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⭐Oberlo Review: Plans, Pricing, Pros & Cons (April 2021) 🤯

3 hours ago Sixads.net Get All

Oberlo Review: customer service Oberlo doesn’t have a telephone line and deals with customers entirely online. While this is suitable for most eCommerce business owners, some might prefer to have a phone number to call.

Website: https://sixads.net/oberlo/review/

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Oberlo Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of oberlo

Just Now Au.trustpilot.com Get All

They don’t have a customer service … They don’t have a customer service phone number. Who gets away with that? Their App doesnt load all of the pictures from the products on to the Shopify products page. Only 1 or 2 pictures transfer. Wasting time trying to find someone to help.

Website: https://au.trustpilot.com/review/oberlo.com?page=3

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Oberlo Review: How Easy Does It Make Dropshipping With

2 hours ago Digital.com Get All

Oberlo’s Basic Plan is $29.90 per month and is intended for accounts that are processing up to 500 orders per month. This plan does include shipment tracking and orders monitoring features. The Pro Plan costs $79.90 per month and includes what’s mentioned above, plus multiple user accounts.

Website: https://digital.com/best-ecommerce-platforms/oberlo/

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Oberlo YouTube

2 hours ago Youtube.com Get All

Oberlo has already helped merchants find and sell over 85 million products around the world. Welcome to our official YouTube channel – subscribe now, take notes, and start making more sales with

Website: https://www.youtube.com/c/Oberlo

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Oberlo Review [2021] Is Oberlo for Shopify Any Good?

8 hours ago Ecommerceguide.com Get All

Oberlo Review and 5 Reasons to use Oberlo: Great value for money, best value against competitors. It’s easy to set up and integration with Shopify is flawless. Makes a lot of the hard work like filtering products and searching easy. Different price packages depending on usage, so no huge initial cost.

Website: https://ecommerceguide.com/guides/oberlo-review/

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What is Oberlo and How Does It Work? PageFly Academy

9 hours ago Academy.pagefly.io Get All

IV. Does Oberlo Automatically fulfill orders? Fulfilling orders can take a lot of time. Fortunately, Oberlo automates most of the process, giving you more time to focus on customer service and your website’s UX. You’ll still have to go to AliExpress and enter your payment details, but the customer’s shipping address will automatically be filled.

Website: https://academy.pagefly.io/guide/what-is-oberlo-and-how-does-it-work/

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Manage your canceled AliExpress orders Oberlo Help Center

1 hours ago Help.oberlo.com Get All

You can decide whether you want to continue fulfilling your customer's order by placing a new order in AliExpress or refund your customer in Shopify. If you place a new order, then Oberlo updates that order’s AliExpress order number and order status accordingly. Steps: From your Oberlo admin, click Orders. Find your canceled order.

Website: https://help.oberlo.com/en/articles/947558-manage-your-canceled-aliexpress-orders

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AliExpress Dropshipping: The Ultimate Business Oberlo

6 hours ago Ng.oberlo.com Get All

If you’ve been thinking about starting a dropshipping business, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re just starting out with your ecommerce business, or you’re a seasoned veteran looking to switch up your business model, we’ve created the ultimate guide to dropshipping business using Shopify and AliExpress dropshipping.. If any of you have doubts that you can create a

Website: https://ng.oberlo.com/blog/aliexpress-dropshipping-guide

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How To Get Shopify Support (Shopify Team, Forum, Third

1 hours ago Avada.io Get All

This 24/7 access to customer support is a big plus for Shopify as platforms such as Wix and Squarespace only provide customer support during specific hours. Additionally, you can get help with Shopify from other sources, including the Shopify forum, Shopify third-party partners, and blogs .

Website: https://avada.io/resources/get-shopify-support.html

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Oberlo Pricing, Alternatives & More 2021 Capterra

1 hours ago Capterra.com Get All

Oberlo Starter Plan (500 product limit): $0/month Oberlo Basic Plan (10,000 product limit + variant mapping, bulk orders + real-time order tracking, Admitad affiliate program, order fulfillment monitoring, Captcha Solver): $29.90/month Oberlo Pro Plan (30,000 product limit + all Basic Plan features + multiple user accounts): $79.90/month (All three Oberlo plans include unlimited orders, free

Website: https://www.capterra.com/p/186444/Oberlo/

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Contact Shopify Support · Shopify Help Center

7 hours ago Help.shopify.com Get All

Contact Shopify Support by chat, email, or phone.

Website: https://help.shopify.com/en/questions

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oberlo.knoji.com Coupons

4 hours ago Couponsdoom.com Get All

Oberlo reviews and Oberlo.com customer ratings for August 2021. Oberlo is a well-known drop shipper store which competes against other drop shipper stores like UPS, FedEx and USPS.COM. Oberlo has 47 reviews with an overall consumer score of 4.1 out of 5.0. Oberlo offers 3 features such as , and contact information availability. Via Oberlo.knoji.com

Website: https://couponsdoom.com/server.php/site-coupons/oberlo.knoji.com

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Oberlo Review 2021: Features, Pros & Cons, Pricing & Verdict

Just Now Technoven.com Get All

17. 24/7 Customer Support. With the help of Oberlo’s customer support team, users can get help any time facing issues with orders, delivery, or store management. Ask anything at any time and they’ll sort it as soon as possible. They have a very dedicated and hardworking support staff to help the users out. 18. Affiliate Program

Website: https://www.technoven.com/oberlo-review/

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Oberlo Review (2021 UPDATE) Is Oberlo Legit

4 hours ago Scamtested.com Get All

Oberlo is easily one of the most popular auto-order fulfillment apps there is in the Dropshipping market. Usually, Oberlo is marketed as a beginner-friendly service to help e-commerce owners gain traction in selling products online. When you’re starting, it can be challenging to decide which apps to use, such as Dropified, Ecom Dash, Sprocket, and many others.

Website: https://scamtested.com/2020/06/24/oberlo-review-is-oberlo-legit/

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How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers Red Stag Fulfillment

9 hours ago Redstagfulfillment.com Get All

Oberlo is an app for Shopify stores. It connects you to dropshipping suppliers. Using Oberlo, you can easily find dropshipped products and add them to your Shopify store. Oberlo offers a free starter plan that lets you sell up to 500 dropshipped items. The basic plan is $29.90 a month, and the pro plan is $79.90.

Website: https://redstagfulfillment.com/find-dropshipping-suppliers/

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How to Start a Dropshipping Business by Corey Ferreira

3 hours ago Shopify.com Get All

In this course, you’ll learn how to find products to sell without ever worrying about inventory or shipping thanks to dropshipping. Dropshipping is a great way to start an ecommerce business because it doesn’t require a lot of money or time to start.

Website: https://www.shopify.com/learn/course/how-to-start-a-dropshipping-business

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How to Dropship on Shopify in 2021 Sell With No Inventory

1 hours ago Websitebuilderexpert.com Get All

Say that a customer visits your store and buys a novelty mug. The wholesale price for this is $5, but you sell it for $15. When your customer goes through the checkout process, the total amount will be split between you and the supplier. So $5 goes to the supplier, and the extra $10 goes to you. Sell 10 of those mugs, and you’ve made yourself

Website: https://www.websitebuilderexpert.com/ecommerce-website-builders/how-to-dropship-on-shopify/

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Home Beauty Care Supplier OEM ODM Manufacturer

9 hours ago Lowmoq.com Get All

We are Dropshipping Supplier Verified by Shopify Oberlo. Product Sourcing. Support customized products and develop new products. Global Shipping. Process the order within 48 hours after placing the order. Track Shipping. 100% real and effective logistics tracking number, tracking information available. Payment Method.

Website: https://lowmoq.com/

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Oberlo Review [2021] Is Oberlo for Shopify Any Good

3 hours ago Ireview365.com Get All

Oberlo customer service: What are your options? Oberlo offers users live chat on their website and an informative blog that provides entrepreneurs with strategies and tips on how to build a successful dropshipping business. Customers can also contact Oberlo’s team via: Oberlo Help Center – You can browse help.oberlo.com to find answers to

Website: https://ireview365.com/oberlo-review-2021-is-oberlo-for-shopify-any-good/

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The Top 7 Shopify Apps To Grow Your Business in 2021

2 hours ago Mondovo.com Get All

Just a month after the pandemic peaked in March 2020, the number of new stores in Shopify grew by 62%. E-commerce and customer service go hand in hand, and customer service is crucial for building trust, especially in the post-covid world. Oberlo – Dropshipping App.

Website: https://www.mondovo.com/blog/the-top-7-shopify-apps-to-grow-your-business-in-2021/

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Customer Service for Dropshipping Stores Complete Guide!

7 hours ago Dodropshipping.com Get All

4. Customer service channel: Having a phone number. Offering customer service on the phone could be a great way to help your customers immediately, and it will build more trust if your customers see a phone number on your store’s website, but it does have its downsides, like costs.

Website: https://dodropshipping.com/customer-service-dropshipping/

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Oberlo Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of oberlo

Just Now Uk.trustpilot.com Get All

Basically this entails that you contact their customer service department, explain you are using Oberlo blah blah blah. Eventually they should get back to you. They will likely require proof of your ID and credit card, which you will have to submit to them in order to use your Aliexpress account again.

Website: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/oberlo.com?page=2

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Oberlo vs Dropified App & Chrome Extension Full Feature

6 hours ago Dropified.com Get All

Oberlo does not offer this powerful, time-saving automation. Auto Place Order for Bundled Products. While it appears that Oberlo offers the ability to create and sell Product Bundles, they don’t offer the ability to Auto Place Orders for those bundled sales.

Website: https://www.dropified.com/oberlo-vs-dropified/

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Oberlo ‑ Dropshipping App App Reviews Oberlo

6 hours ago Apps.shopify.com Get All

Overall ratingClick to learn more4.3of 5 stars. The overall rating reflects the current state of the app. It accounts for all app reviews but prioritizes the most recent ones. 5 of 5 stars. 83% of ratings are 5 stars. (2002) 4 of 5 stars. 6% of ratings are 4 stars. (147)

Website: https://apps.shopify.com/oberlo/reviews?page=2

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Tips on how to start a Dropshipping Business Opetunde

6 hours ago Opetunde.com Get All

The customer makes an order for $20 (product price). The you pay the supplier $10 (wholesale price). The supplier then ships the goods to the customer and you retain $10 (profit amount). How a Dropshipping business works. The dropshipping business model works this way: the manufacturer, the retailer (you) and then the final customer.

Website: https://opetunde.com/tips-on-how-to-start-a-dropshipping-business/

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What Is Net Promoter Score (NPS), Is It Effective Oberlo

9 hours ago Ie.oberlo.com Get All

What is NPS? Net Promoter Score, also known as NPS, is a gauge of customer satisfaction and loyalty. A business’ NPS hinges on answers to a single, specifically worded question asked to customers: How likely are you to recommend our product or service to your friends or family?Responses range from 0 (very unlikely) to 10 (very likely).

Website: https://ie.oberlo.com/blog/nps-net-promoter-score

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get customer support for oberlo?

We are grateful for your feedback, which certainly helps us improve. Even though Oberlo does not have live support, this certainly isn't how we would want our customer support to be perceived. You can always get in touch with Shopify support 24/7 via chat, phone, or email for any urgent queries.

What is oberlo and how does it work?

Oberlo is a dropshipping app for Shopify that helps you find trending products to add to your store. It also allows you to import products from AliExpress. Oberlo allows you to import any product from AliExpress to your store.

Do you have to go to AliExpress to use oberlo?

Fulfilling orders can take a lot of time. Fortunately, Oberlo automates most of the process, giving you more time to focus on customer service and your website’s UX. You’ll still have to go to AliExpress and enter your payment details, but the customer’s shipping address will automatically be filled.

Do you have to have Shopify account to use oberlo?

As we mentioned earlier, though, Oberlo works exclusively with Shopify, so you’ll either need to create a store using the platform or link an existing Shopify store to your Oberlo account. Oberlo Pricing Review: How much does it cost to use Oberlo? Oberlo’s pricing is quite reasonable, and the company offers 3 main plans, which include:

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